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We welcome enquiries from related media such as newspapers, magazines, journals, websites, and the like who find our content items such as analyses, articles, commentaries, reports, and the like, of interest and use to their readers thus wishing to publish or carry such content items in their respective media platforms.


Our content items are reflective of and based on:


1) Our 20+ years of real estate experience in China including Hong Kong (and Asia and North America)

2) Our commitment to offering an independent angle

3) Our principle of writing only in what we believe

4) Our insistence on applying critical thought


Our writing style and format are geared mostly for general public reference and many articles and analyses are presented in short and sweet 1-2 pages and without technical jargon as much as possible, introducing relatively complex technical real estate concepts and market topics in an easy to read and comprehend manner.


Our content items offer various benefits to various readers and interested parties such as:


a) Real estate developers-builders, investors-financiers, and managers-owners benefit from our independent angle and reasoned insight


b) Real estate professionals, brokers, and executives benefit from our professional expertise and experience


c) Real estate academics, students, and researchers benefit from our practical knowledge and information


d) General public or parties interested in real estate benefit from having a professional, independent, and analytical real estate knowledge and information source 


Visit our website and the following web-sections and web-pages to see what we have written and can offer. Based on our gradually increasing web traffic and web visitors, and feedback from readers, we do feel we are contributing in a modest way toward enriching the local, regional, or even global real estate industries and their participants via this website and its content items:


I) Simple to Read articles and analyses 


II) Quarterly Newsletters


III) Challenging Stuff (containing articles and analyses contributed by invited guest-writers including prominent professionals, executives, and academics)


IV) Chinese Articles (many of these have been / are being published in major newspapers and other websites)


Collectively, our content items have been / are being published in major newspapers such as China Daily (English and Chinese pages), 21st Century Business Herald (China), The Standard (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Economic Journal, professional journals such as those of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Project Management Institute (USA), and prominent websites such as,,, and the like.  


We may also offer exclusive professional articles and journalistic styled articles subject to mutual agreement.


The following standard rates, terms, and conditions of use apply:


1)     Upon paying the listed or agreed rate(s) / fee(s), the requesting media (be it a newspaper, magazine, journal, website, or the like) can publish or carry the relevant content item(s) in its own or identified platform (be it a newspaper, magazine, journal, website, or the like).


2)     The requesting media is ONLY entitled to publishing such relevant content item(s) in its own or identified platform for a total period of up to 12 calendar months i.e. it cannot publish the same or other content item(s) in other unrelated or unidentified platform(s), whether such unrelated or unidentified platform(s) is related to / owned by / affiliated with the requesting media or not. NO EXCLUSIVITY or promise / guarantee thereof, written or implied, comes with such publication entitlement and Zeppelin / Real Estate Tech / relevant authors may offer such and similar / same content item(s) for publication by others, whether on a free or rate-paying basis.


3)     IMPORTANT: NEITHER the Copyright NOR the Distribution right on each and every content item(s) are sold, included, offered, or given away along with the right to publish such content item(s) in the related or identified platform(s) of the requesting media. These copyright and distribution right rest and remain with Zeppelin, Real-Estate-Tech, and / or relevant author(s). Zeppelin, Real Estate Tech and / or relevant authors may at their sole discretion terminate this service, or part thereof, without notice, and parties affected can only look forward to having the unused portions of their payments (already received and acknowledged by Zeppelin / Real Estate Tech / relevant authors) reimbursed without interest or deduction.


4)     Content items available for purchase and publication include ONLY those written and created by the direct staff members and executives of Zeppelin and do NOT include content items written and created by other groups and people, although Zeppelin may assist in contacting them where feasible.


5)     Zeppelin, Real Estate Tech, and / or relevant authors may at its / his / her sole discretion decide NOT to provide the / any relevant content item(s) sought by the requesting media without giving cause or reason. Any money or deposit received would be reimbursed in full without interest or deduction.


6)     IMPORTANT: Zeppelin, Real Estate Tech, and / or relevant authors NEITHER assume NOR take up any responsibility or liability for errors, omissions, mistakes, negligence, and the like which may be contained in such content item(s) OR for any related damages, losses, claims, and the like, financial or otherwise, which may arise out of the reference to such content item(s). The requesting media agrees to indemnify Zeppelin, Real Estate Tech, and / or relevant authors, including such staff members, executives, directors, shareholders, managers, assistants, professionals, associates, consultants, and the like, from such damages, losses, claims, and the like.


7)     The relevant fees and rates are to be settled via agreed means in full prior to provision and publication in the platform of the requesting media. The standard currency is the US$ though other major currencies may also be considered at the sole discretion of Zeppelin / Real Estate Tech.


8)     The laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) apply and irrespective of the geographical location of the requesting media, the point of sale is deemed and agreed to have been made in Hong Kong where Zeppelin is based.




10) The Standard Rates are as follows:


Content items:

Quarterly Newsletters

Simple to Read Articles

Chinese Articles (for web only)

Charts and Tables

Professional Exclusive Articles

Journalistic Exclusive Reports

Fee per content item US$:





$400.00 and up

$800.00 and up



For bulk users or for further information, please contact us at


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