As part of our services, we regularly supply real estate articles and content to media and the web. Here we have selected and listed in random order some of the media sources and websites which have carried / are carrying our content. Hope you would enjoy visiting them. 

China Daily
China Daily is one of the more widely read and popular newspaper in China and is available in English. Business people, executives, and professionals from local and overseas are frequent readers.

21st Century China Business Herald [No Need to Click, not a website]
This is a new Chinese business herald in Mainland China and focuses mostly on business, commerce, trade, economics and leisure aspects.  

Hong Kong Economic Journal
The Hong Kong Economic Journal is one of the prominent business and economic newspapers in Hong Kong and the region. Major tycoons, senior executives and top professionals not only read it, they also contribute articles to it.

Apple Daily
Apple Daily is one of the most popular newspapers in Hong Kong with a wide circulation. A significant portion of its readers relates to the middle class.


South China Morning Post (SCMP)
The SCMP is the one prominent English newspaper with a wide circulation in Hong Kong. Its readers consist of professionals, business executives, and civic officials from local and abroad.

The Standard (Hong Kong)
The Standard is one of the two major English newspapers in Hong Kong and readers consist of both locals and expatriates.

USA Today

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