A)  SIMPLE STUDY SERIES: we have created and developed a series of simple studies dealing with specific real estate themes or monitoring market trends with a view to seek where feasible insights and angles which may have been missed by the general market AND / OR to challenge doubtful yet popular real estate notions. Statistical applications and numeric analyses are used where practicable. They collectively offer the following benefits:

1)  They provide an independent analytical angle which may not be commonplace in the market at times thus serving as a viable alternative interpretation or 2nd opinion;

2)  They help save time and effort in working out the numbers and the basics thus enabling the subscribers, who may be investors, decision makers, fund managers, top executives, and the like, to focus on making decisions and investments;

3)  They reflect our collective 20+ years of experience in real estate development, investment, and management spanning from China including Hong Kong, via Asia, to North America;

4)  They are affordably priced as we aim to share some of our real estate knowledge and ideas with interested parties.

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C) Executive Summaries:

  • Simple Study Series-SSS0001-Managing USA Real Estate Risks: No Point in Having Sector Diversity

Executive Summary: it appears that from a macro angle, investment diversification among the various major commercial real estate sectors, namely residential (apartment), office, retail, and industrial, may not help to reduce risk much, whether in terms of price, demand, supply, or return. The correlations between market sectors appeared significant. How significant? Details? Obtain a copy to find out more.

  • Simple Study Series-SSS0002-Hong Kong Residential 1994 to 2005: Former Stars may be Current Dogs

Executive Summary: former residential real estate shining stars (projects or complexes) may become today・s dogs and likewise, today・s shining stars may also turn into dogs in future. Relying on past status and glory is unlikely to be a very reliable method as suggested by the numerical analysis in the study. Get a copy and learn more.  

  • Simple Study Series-SSS0003-Hong Kong Private Residential Real Estate: Larger Beats Smaller

Executive Summary: based on published data and information dating from 1994 to 2005, it appears that investors interested in the Hong Kong private residential real estate market may face less (than average) risk via investing in the larger floor size residential units (category C to E) than investing in the smaller floor size ones (category A to B), despite the new supply of such larger units may seem erratic at times. Ask for a copy to find out how much difference there actually is between the larger and smaller unit size groups.

  • Simple Study Series-SSS0004-China: Urbanization & GDP

Executive Summary: based on data and information published by the United Nations, it appears that .some・ correlation exists between urbanization, expressed in percentage of urban population, and GDP, expressed in GDP US$ per capita on a purchasing power parity basis, i.e. the degree of urbanization and the status of GDP per capita appear to .somewhat・ synchronize. Countries with a higher GDP per capita tend to show, though not in each and every case, a higher percentage of urban population and vice versa. Notwithstanding the foregoing, when urbanization % and GDP per capita of selected individual countries, such as China, the USA, Germany etc, are correlated, all demonstrate very strong correlations. Order a copy to access the numerical analysis done.

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